Our Media Channels

Our Media Channels


Scientist.com is the pharmaceutical industry’s leading AI-powered marketplace for outsourced R&D. The marketplace simplifies R&D sourcing, saves time and money, reduces risk, and provides access to the latest innovative tools and technologies. Scientist.com operates private enterprise marketplaces for most of the world’s major pharmaceutical companies, over 80 biotechnology companies, and the US National Institutes of Health (NIH). Learn more at scientist.com.


InsideScientific is an online environment for scientists, researchers, lab technicians, innovators, and industry professionals. Resources include educational webinars, virtual events, interviews, training workshops, articles, and more. Professionals can also browse supplier databases to learn more about scientific tools, technologies, and services offered around the globe. Learn more at insidescientific.com.


HealthEconomics.com is the world’s most comprehensive and credible CONNECTED COMMUNITY™ that serves as the global link to the health economics & outcomes research (HEOR) and pharma market access stakeholder communities.

Since 1993, we have provided unparalleled access to drive business, improve knowledge, and connect researchers and payer decision-makers world-wide.  Our 28,000 engaged readers rely on HealthEconomics.com as the most reliable and credible digital hub for the latest curated news, insights, educational opportunities, and industry benchmarks in HEOR, RWE and MA.  Our advertisers, numbering more than 500 with a 91% retention rate, depend upon us for best-in-class global brand awareness and business development solutions. Our aim is to connect people with expert-driven content and resources — all in one place — with the corporate mission to advance communication about healthcare value.


BioPharmCatalyst is a research-based portal that provides key catalyst updates, clinical trial data and company information for publicly traded biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

We have been one of the most trusted sources of biotech information since 2010, with an average ~70,000 website visitors monthly, ~50,000 newsletter subscribers, and both retail and institutional investors as paying database subscribers. BioPharmCatalyst prides itself on having up-to-date, accurate, and timely information. Our slogan “Be There When It Happens” sums up our commitment to this, so that folks who use our tools are able to gain a competitive edge and know about these events before they occur.