Email Marketing

Reach the inboxes of your target audience through a trusted source


Get your message directly to the people you want to reach through email newsletters and custom e-blasts.

Email marketing continues to be a crucial part of any marketing plan. Email communication through individual reach out and monthly newsletters facilitates direct connection and trackable activity. Our team has built a strong contact list of thousands of highly-qualified leads that are interested in receiving information relevant to their areas of research. We offer a variety of email marketing options to help you communicate your company’s offerings in a streamlined, reliable way.

Email Marketing

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Acquire new, high-quality leads

  • Communicate their company’s unique offerings

  • Target thousands of contacts in our database

Check out our guide to email marketing!

Email Marketing Guide

Email Newsletter Ads

Capture your target audience’s attention by placing your ad in one of our newsletters

Email newsletters are a very powerful advertising channel. With email newsletter advertising, you have direct access to our subscriber network of over 17,000 individuals in pharma, biotech, and beyond. Reach your target audience today by securing a spot on one of our various newsletters.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Increase brand exposure

  • Drive traffic to your preferred landing page

  • Generate new leads

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