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High-quality and engaging media conversations for thought leadership and brand awareness


If you have education and thought leadership at the forefront of your marketing objectives, add our premium podcasts interviews to your package to access one of the industry’s fastest growing audiences.

Over the past decade, audio media, including podcasts, has seen a steady rise in popularity, with no signs of slowing down. The convenience of listening while multitasking has allowed listeners to explore new topics without having to set aside time to read or watch a video. As a key component of modern digital marketing, podcasts provide an opportunity to have more casual conversations on a variety of  topics without the need to prepare a formal presentation.

Have a member of our experienced and professional digital media  team interview one of your in-house specialists or an industry  expert doing groundbreaking research with your products, and set your brand apart from the competition. The offering includes a 15-minute interview of the guests by a member of our team and the edited podcast will be published on all major podcast-hosting platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, and Google Podcast. has a large, diverse and global audience of listeners from a wide range of scientific backgrounds. Grab our audience by the headphones to educate, tell your story and build a community around your brand.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Establish their authority as a thought leader

  • Expand their reach and target new audiences

  • Engage on a personal level with your audience

Podcasts at


Conversational interviews divided into two sub-categories:

  • Talking Real Science with top scientists from around the world, including their background, passion for discovery, personal challenges, lessons learned, and their research programs.
  • Industry Insights with professionals from leading companies in the life sciences, discussing their latest and greatest developments and the future of research and technology.


These fast-paced episodes feature researchers from around the world answering questions about experimental design, technology best-practices, challenges faced in the lab, and how they are overcoming obstacles to ensure advancement of their research programs. 

#tHEORetically speaking:

Insights, observations, and executive interviews that discuss data and evidence to guide value-based decisions in health care.

Tech Casts

You have a great product that you want to showcase, but what’s the best way to get the word out to the widest possible audience? Our Tech Casts are 15-minute videos focused on your technology, methodology and best practices.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Launch a brand-new product

  • Renew attention back to existing instrumentation or services

  • Educate new, current and prospective customers by demonstration

These direct to on-demand videos are designed with instruction and education in mind, and a targeted marketing campaign provides an immediate boost, while strong SEO ensures a steady stream of organic traffic for years to come. Work with us to create and produce Tech Casts to educate your current and future customers.

Video Interviews

Our team produces a 15-minute video interview, including full transcription and a dedicated landing page. Video content has been shown to be an incredibly valuable type of content to share with your audience through social media, website and email communications.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Create engaging interview content over video

  • Showcase their brand, products and services

  • Incorporate video into their content marketing strategy

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Video Marketing Guide

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