Virtual Events

Online experiences driving connection through customized education & networking platforms

Looking to create a more immersive experience or larger program? Promote collaboration, scientific advancement and engagement around the world with a virtual event.

Virtual events bring the global scientific community together through interactive meetings, user group discussions, one-day linear programs or multi-day and fully immersive environments with synchronous sessions. These virtual events could take the form of trainings, conferences, summits and more! Customize an event tailored specifically to your marketing initiatives to expand your brand presence, collect leads and establish your company as a thought leader in the field. 

Virtual Events

These programs allow you to utilize all of the same engagement tools as webinars, with many additional features:

  • Options for attendees to earn credits

  • Researcher networking opportunities

  • Poster presentations 

  • Virtual demonstrations and workshops

  • Additional advertising and product exposure

  • Designated breakout rooms 

Explore our events directory on to view just some of the many ways we can create a custom program to help you truly connect with your audience.

Great virtual events start at

Cutting Edge Conversation Series
Crown Bioscience, Cancer Immunity Cycle Series
APS Cardiovascular Connections Series

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