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The Scientist.com Marketing Services team has been built with science in mind, so who better to trust with your content writing needs?

Digital marketing requires carefully considered writing and editing of online content to enhance SEO and drive website traffic. Collaborate with us on your next blog post and our team of writers and editors will help you produce high-quality, engaging content!  

Written Scientific Content

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Establish your company as a thought leader

  • Produce customized, high-quality content

  • Increase exposure to your company, products or services

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Scientific Writing

We have in-house category and subject-matter experts from a variety of scientific backgrounds and a dedicated writing team to create new thought-provoking articles and original content while maximizing SEO. Additionally, we have ready-for-publication material available for sponsorship in a field of your choice that can be adapted for your specific marketing needs.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Create premium scientific writing

  • Present your scientific research to a wider audience

  • Generate awareness about your scientific research and findings

Virtual Posters

Poster presentations have long been a staple at scientific conferences and meetings, and for good reason. They are specifically designed to maximize educational value in a short amount of time while allowing for discussion and direct interaction among peers. As more companies turn to a digital-first marketing approach, we’ve taken this formula and translated it into our Virtual Poster service, created to give researchers and suppliers a global platform to share their cutting-edge research and technology. 

Virtual poster sessions provide scientists with all the benefits of in-person poster forums, such as discussing the importance of their research, sharing user tips & tricks and supporting collaboration, innovation and discovery, without the need for travel.

Host virtual posters through us and bring the research community together in focused and interactive online sessions from the comfort of your lab, office or home.

Ideal for companies looking to:

  • Efficiently present their findings without the need for travel

  • Showcase their novel research

  • Connect with a wider research community

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