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Take the virtual stage to engage and educate target audiences around the world through a live or pre-recorded Webinar with

Webinars are the most cost-effective way to showcase novel research shared by KOLs and expert users, and essential for new product launches, existing products, or service education programs:

  • Leverage audience engagement tools including live polls, post-event surveys, resource downloads, and custom CTAs (call-to-actions)
  • Communicate with your attendees via public chat, private chat functions, and Q&A panels
  • Receive detailed reports of registration and attendance
  • Combine multiple webinars in a series covering different products, topics, and fields

With over 100 webinars produced in 2021 alone for lab technology, research service, and science associations, trust as your preferred webinar partner.

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Cracking the Code: When and How to Validate ICD Algorithms for RWE
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Virtual Events

Virtual Events

Looking to create a more immersive experience or larger program? Support collaboration, scientific advancement, and engagement around the world with a Virtual Event.

Virtual events bring the global scientific community together through interactive meetings, user group discussions, one-day linear programs, or multi-day and fully immersive environments with simultaneous sessions. Customize an event tailored specifically to your marketing initiatives to expand your brand presence, collect leads, and establish your company as a thought leader in the field.

These programs allow you to utilize all of the same engagement tools as webinars, with many additional features:

  • Options for attendees to earn credits
  • Researcher networking opportunities
  • Poster presentations
  • Virtual demonstrations and workshops
  • Additional advertising and product exposure

Explore our Events Directory on to view just some of the many ways we can create a custom program to help you truly connect with your audience.